Although initiated by the University of Ibadan, UISB has its own distinct identity as an educational institution. It therefore enjoys both administrative and operational autonomy, to enable it compete favorably with its peers anywhere in the world. The mother-university however has an effective voice in policy decisions through institutional representation on UISB’s Governing Board. The University plays a similar role in the award of degrees through its Senate. In addition, the University provides financial support to UISB as and when the need arises, especially for development purposes.

Operationally, UISB operates under the policy guidelines of its Governing Board, whose membership includes private sector, institutions, and individuals, representing key sectors of the Nigerian economy, as well as the national public sector. These, with both the alumni, and respectable national and international individuals apparently committed to its aspirations, will also play effective roles in nurturing UISB to its dream status.