[b]UISB programme[/b] can be grouped into four (4) main areas. These are:
1. Degree Programmes;
2. Non-Degree (out-reach) Programmes;
3. Consultancy;
4. Research.

The highlights of each sub-menu is as follows
[b]1. Degree Programmes[/b]
(a) Academic Degree Programmes
UISB offers academic programmes leading to the award of the following academic degrees
i. Master of Science (Business);
ii. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) or Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).

(b) Professional Degree Programme
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
This can be earned through full-time or part-time windows, viz
 Regular (full-time) MBA;
 Executive (Part-time) MBA.

[b]2. Non- Degree (Outreach) Programmes[/b]
These encompass all short-term courses and/or training programmes leading to the award of the following:
i. Diploma in Business Administration (DBA);
ii. Certificate in Business Administration (CBA);
iii. Certificate of Attendance (Seminars, Workshops, courses of very short duration)

[b]3. Consultancy[/b]
UISB offers two major types of solicited (client-requested) or proposed consultancy services
i. Off-site;
ii. On-site (at clients’ premises)

[b]4. Research[/b]
UISB engages in:
i. Policy research;
ii. Organizational/operations analysis;
iii. Others.