The operations of UISB are anchored on a basic philosophy, the elements of which comprise the following:

(a) Fostering effective collaborating with, and continually providing empowerment services to the public sector, towards the creditable discharge of its responsibility of ensuring an enabling environment that can enhance the realization of the goals and aspirations of UISB;

(b) Adoption of an inclusive operational framework whereby national, sub-regional, regional and international business development and financial institutions, as well as other relevant stakeholder groups, which will have effective voice in the conception, design, implementation and evaluation of the menu being offered by UISB;

(c) Mainstreaming the role of alumni as key role players towards nurturing UISB into the most preferred institution for knowledge in relation to its mandate and scope of activities;

(d) To demonstrate and apply knowledge of its operating (national and regional) environment towards carving out a niche in unleashing the potentials of the private sector as credible agents of change that can help in productively integrating Nigeria and indeed Africa into the ever-evolving global economy; and

(e) Sustaining its relevance and usefulness to its immediate community towards continual improvement in the quality of service delivery in the University community and development-oriented empowerment of the governments and people within its immediate environment.